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Theraguns are some of the most popular massage guns, but they’re also the most expensive. If you’ve been coveting one, most of the Therabody catalog is discounted right now for Cyber Monday. It doesn’t bring them down to pennies, but it does knock about $100 off most of them. Read our Best Massage Guns guide for more recommendations.

We test products year-round and handpicked these deals. The discounts we show are based on actual street prices at retailers in the past few months. Products that are sold out or no longer discounted as of publishing will be crossed out. We’ll update this guide periodically.

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Massage Gun and Muscle Recovery Deals

Therabody Theragun Pro G5 massager

Theragun Pro (5th Gen)

Photograph: Therabody

Even on sale, the Theragun Pro is expensive and best reserved for people constantly pushing their muscles to their limits. The older 4th-gen Pro is also discounted to $349 and both models have a rotating arm that, along with the ergonomic triangular handle, makes it easy to reach awkward places.

Theragun Relief

Theragun Relief

Photograph: Theragun

The Relief was just released in October and it’s the company’s cheapest massager sold exclusively through Target and Best Buy. It doesn’t feel as high-end as the others and it loses a carrying case and features like a screen—but if you want to follow along with a routine, you can just use the app. Its three attachments do their jobs and it still has the easy-to-hold triangular handle.

Theragun Prime

Theragun Prime (4th Gen)

Photograph: Therabody

We didn’t test the Theragun Prime, but based on all the others we have tried, we’re confident it’s as solid as its siblings. This sale price is also pretty great for a Theragun. It comes with four attachments and has the same triangular handle for easy use.

Image may contain Tire and Sphere

Wave Duo

Photograph: Therabody

A standard foam roller costs $20 or less, but Therabody’s three versions incorporate percussive vibrations too. The Wave Duo, which we tested, and Solo for $59 ($20 off) are for portability and targeted treatment, and the Roller, which is discounted to $99 ($55 off), is closer in design to a traditional foam roller and works great for your back or other larger areas.

Self-Care Device Deals

Therabody Goggles on blue backdrop

SmartGoggles Eye Massager

Photograph: Therabody

Therabody’s SmartGoggles (9/10, WIRED Recommends) use vibration, massage, and heat to relax your eyes and temples and this price matches what we saw during Prime Day. We’ve been testing a similar eye massager from Gravity that’s $99. It’s a solid dupe at a nicer price.

Therabody TheraFace Pro with various attachments

TheraFace Pro

Photograph: Therabody

Therabody has dipped into the world of luxury skincare too. The TheraFace Pro is a pricey device that cleanses and gently massages your skin, with attachments for LED light therapy—red for wrinkles and blue for acne—and microcurrent for firming the skin. It’s pricey for what it is, but this matches the sale we saw during Prime Day.

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