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Buying a new planner gives an endorphin rush like no other, whether it’s for a new school semester, work year, or just a much needed fresh start. A good one should help you stay on track without overwhelming you.

Here at WIRED, our Gear team prefers paper planners over digital tools—nothing beats the feeling of pen against a brand-new sheet of paper, plus writing things down helps us remember them—however, this time around we have included one digital tool that we think can add to (not replace) your analog setup.

We didn’t recommend one best planner because everyone has different preferences, types of tasks, and willingness to scribble and organize. I grilled the WIRED staff for their favorites and have tried a ton on my own. Once you’ve found something that works for you, check out our guides to working from home, the best webcams, or the best gear for starting a podcast. 

Updated July 2022: We’ve added Class Tracker, and we’ve also updated links throughout to the newest versions.

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